Rochester/Buffalo, NY/h1>

Date: June 7, 2014
Venue: Area 51 Motocross
3323 Harloff Rd
Batavia, NY
Current Price: $70

*Prices are per Participant


Please read through and familiarize yourself with the following rules before coming to the event. Round House Racing reserves the right to deny the participation of anyone not in accordance with these rules. Any such individual will be required to leave the event premises immediately.

  • I agree to abide by all instructions given from the race staff, park directors/workers, volunteers and medical personnel.
  • I agree to not inhale or ingest mud, foam, or any part of the course.
  • I agree, understand and acknowledge the 5K Foam Fest is an extreme event and accept all risks associated with the event.
  • I agree that I am physically, mentally, and medically able to complete the course and all obstacles.
  • I agree that I am at least 18 years-old or older, or will be by the race day. If not I will have the release of liability waver signed by my parent or legal guardian.
  • I agree to not urinate or defecate anywhere other than designated areas.
  • I agree to wear my bib number clearly throughout the race.
  • I agree to not consume alcohol, ingest any medicines or substances that will inhibit my mental or physical ability to safely and effectively participate in the 5K Foam Fest.
  • I agree to not bring drugs or alcohol onto the premises.
  • I agree to not change, alter or abuse the course or obstacles that take place thereon.
  • I agree to use respectful language and actions.
  • I agree to obey all civil, parks, criminal laws and event rules at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You need to arrive an hour BEFORE your muddy, foamy, wave starts to allow enough time to get registered, scope out the mud, and soak in the awesome atmosphere. If you are one of those chronically late people, tell yourself you need to be there 2 hours early.

What to bring

First off bring your friends and family—or anyone else who needs proof of your mud run and obstacle course skills or someone who needs a demonstration of your mud flinging abilities. Don't forget your mud money for parking and fun! You should probably bring a towel and some extra clothes because your clothes will get muddy and wet, but you probably already guessed this. If you forget your game face, then you're FOL (Foam Outta Luck).

BIB Pickup

Pick up your bib on race day! Be sure to come at least ONE HOUR early to avoid lines! T-shirts and medals will be handed out at the finish line. For all your cool swag from vendors, look for your virtual swag bag on your email!

Gear Check In

Try and leave as much stuff as you can at home or in your car— but for the stuff you can't leave behind, or that you don't want covered in mud and foam, we will have a secure place to check in your gear. Please note that we do not accept children at the gear check-in.

What to wear?

We said "Adventure Run" right? Well folks let's get adventurous! Anything goes as long as you wear some clothes. You will be running in foam, mud and water so you'll want something that can get muddy, foamy and that allows you the freedom to move and groove. Costumes are the coolest and come with their own list of pros, so choose but choose wisely my friends.

What do I get?

For starters, yes, you will be getting so much more than the already rad 5K Foam Fest race T-shirt. You get the chance to win prizes. Also, take advantage of our nearly endless supply of FREE (temporary) tattoos—so you can get all tatted up for the day. Ace in the hole, and then a GOOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!! ! Not to mention of you finish the run you get the coveted Foam Fest medal. While partying with us, you get FREE access to Games and Activities like: Foam Pit, Pull-Up Bar, Mud, Limbo, Minute to Win It games, etc. etc. And to top it all off you get a free cold one on us. That's right if you're over 21 the first drinks on us, so make sure you bring your ID to prove it!


It's only fun if you do it in style and with a group and yes we're talking about parking. So carpool if you can. Parking is $10 per vehicle.


When you are the type that works hard, plays hard and parties harder- you need a place where you can get some serious rest. Check out our host hotel in the area:


A link for your photos will be posted here 5-7 days after the event. Don't forget to strike a sexy pose when you see the camera! Be sure to check them out…who knew running in mud and foam could create such attractive photos? You look amazing by the way.

Edit Registration

If you were registered by someone other than yourself and now need to edit your registration you will need to first "claim" that registration. To do so you will go to and then either log in using an existing Active account or create a new one. From there you will enter in your Registration ID number into the blue box that says Claim Registration.

If you registered yourself or have claimed your registration and would like to edit your registration
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